Independent bottler Decadent Drinks have very kindly bottled a beautiful single cask of Balblair just for us at Jeroboams, for which we are most grateful. Matured in a first fill Bourbon barrel for the entirety of its 15 years, this dram encapsulates everything we love about teenage Balblair: bright and fruity, with good weight. 

Decadent Drinks are one of our favourite independent bottlers. What we enjoy most is their eye for excellent casks of spirit driven by the innate character of that distillery, rather than liquid that lets the cask maturation do the talking. That is, after all, what makes each distillery unique: the new make that runs of their stills. 

We selected this cask of 15 year old Balblair because of the great interplay between the naturally rich, fruity new make and the sweetness and spice drawn from the Bourbon barrel. Not only does this make for a fantastic distillate-driven dram, but one that is, above all, a totally delicious and supremely enjoyable drink.  

Pop into any Jeroboams store to taste this exclusive Balblair and raise a glass to the Whisky Sponge himself for another job well done.