Wine is meant to be shared. Any bottle, whether it’s an esoteric gem from Slovenia or Cru Classé Pauillac, is a thousand times more enjoyable with good company in tow. That’s why tastings and events are a crucial part of the Jeroboams’ ethos, helping to make wine approachable, educational, and fun. But don’t worry: we’re not here to deliver a lecture.

Yet we do like to put on a grand show. Utilising our diverse portfolio of London shops, we offer a broad selection of wine and gastronomic experiences. These range from the lavish dinners held at our cellar spaces on Walton Street and King’s Road, to free weekend tastings conducted above ground. Above all, our events are about discovery. You never know what potential new favourite you may find!

From discovery tastings to fine wine dinners, join us for an evening to remember at your local shop.

Our two cellars are at your disposal, available for a wide range of occasions and celebrations.

Highlights from Previous Events

Jeroboams late summer tasting

Jeroboams Late Summer Tasting 2022

At the start of September, it was our Late Summer Tasting, the highly anticipated return of our flagship tasting after three long years…

A line up of Bordeaux wine bottles at a tasting

For the Love of Bordeaux

Tuesday 29th March 2022 was a very special evening indeed – our first large scale event in 2 years! The wait had seemed never ending…