Rye whiskey is the underappreciated cousin of Single Malt whisky. For decades, a number of distilleries in Canada and the USA have shown the potential of Rye to produce truly world class whiskeys but, for whatever reason, it still lingers on the periphery for most spirit drinkers, struggling to budge Single Malt out of the limelight. Thankfully, several new distilleries are showing what this difficult grain is capable of.
In the spirit of showing just how much we believe in Rye, we have put our name to a very special Single Barrel 10 Year Old Rye Whiskey produced by Vermont-based WhistlePig, selected by and exclusively bottled for Jeroboams.
WhistlePig were established in 2007 with the intention of setting up a farm to bottle distillery, where all the raw materials — from Rye, water and even oak for the barrels — are grown on site. Sourced by Dave Pickerall, the late Master Distiller, this Rye Whiskey was produced in Canada, prior taking the short trip down to Vermont, enabling them to kick start their very small operation while everything started to grow on the farm.
Bottled exclusively for Jeroboams, Cask #20244 was selected for its approachable, subtle style that combines the finesse of the finest Cognac with a depth of rich flavour and spice for which WhistlePig Rye is known. Boasting flavours of brittle toffee, orchard fruit — green apple, pink lady and comice pear — gingerbread and cinnamon, the classic Rye spice is uplifted by a wonderful streak of lemon and icing sugar. Broad, rich and extremely elegant, notes of cooked rye, barrel spice and Jamaican ginger cake underpin more vibrant sweet, brittle toffee flavor. Very cool, with a slight earthiness adding complexity on the finish, which is long, sweet and immensely satisfying.
Limited to only 132 bottles, this is a very special, one-off whiskey that we absolutely love. We hope you do too.