Mezcal is a fascinating spirit which, perhaps more than any other spirit, truly encapsulates the notion of “terroir” – that sense of individuality derived from the specific place the spirit is produced. Terroir is commonly used to discuss wine, but when Mezcal is produced from a single variety of agave, grown in a unique place, it offers a unique experience that cannot be replicated. With over 30 varieties of agave, from a broad range of places throughout the nine states in Mexico legally allowed to produce Mezcal, there are many opportunities for some delicious spirits.

El Destilado work with small producers to select Mezcal that show a sense of terroir. Bottled in very limited edition runs, they offer a real sense of the unique qualities and deliciousness of Mezcal. We are pleased to offer a limited selection of El Destilado Mezcals, alongside a unique Wild Fermentation Rum, for you to see for yourself why we love this spirit.