Over 30 years of Burgundy En Primeur

Jeroboams is proud to have offered Burgundy En Primeur for well over 30 years. Over that period, we have witnessed huge changes in both how wine is offered En Primeur, the broader Fine Wine market and demand in Burgundy in particular. The world is a very different place now than it was back then.

It would be convenient to declare that 2021 is our 30th Burgundy En Primeur campaign, but the fact of the matter is that it is not as simple as that. The 1980s saw immense change in Burgundy. Wines that had previously been shipped in Cask and bottled by the importer were falling out of favour and the concept of “Domaine-bottled” Burgundy was quickly gathering pace. Advances in winemaking meant that the wines were gradually getting better and not nearly as volatile as they might have been ten years prior, which led to a rise in demand, especially overseas. By the late 1980s Burgundy “fever” had set in, with the top producers selling their 1989 vintage “on allocation” for the first time. Helped by the likes of our former Director Graham Chidgey, who had been a strong advocate for Burgundy long before it was fashionable, by the time the reduced yield 1991 vintage came around the want for Burgundy was at such a fever pitch that supply could barely keep up with demand.

We face a very similar situation today as the last grapes are harvested on what has been a very challenging vintage. It is too early to predict what volumes will look like for 2021, however the 2020s which will be offered in January are by all accounts superb. We can’t wait to travel to Burgundy in a few weeks’ time to taste them.

Our offer will go live at the beginning of 2022 as we usher in the new year and will feature producers that we have worked with since the beginning, including Domaines Robert Groffier, Henri Gouges, Anne-Francois Gros, and Nicole Lamarche (formerly Francois). We are also very proud to have established new relationships with brilliant producers over the years, including Antonin Guyon, Blain-Gagnard, Fontaine-Gagnard, Etienne Sauzet, Paul Pillot, Jean-Marc Pillot, Patrick Javillier, Jean-Louis Chavy, Bouchard Pere et Fils, Simon Bize, Bachelet-Monnot, Domaine de Bellene and Maison Roche de Bellene, Gerard Thomas, Michel Lafarge, Marchand-Tawse and Domaine Tawse, Rossignol-Trapet, Faiveley, Odoul-Cocquard, Joseph Drouhin, Jean-Marc Millot, Bruno Clavelier, Drouhin-Laroze, Denis Mortet, Hudelot-Baillet, Aurelien Verdet, William Fevre, Billaud-Simon, Louis Moreau, Patrick Piuze, and Jean-Paul & Benoit Droin.

Stay tuned for the offer.

Alexander Turnbull
Private Sales Manager

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