One of the most rewarding features of our business is meeting like-minded producers and developing relationships. In these lock down times, we miss visiting our favourite people. So, we wanted to check-in with them to find out how they are coping and what is keeping them busy at home. Introducing our latest series: Producers At Home.

Orbit beers have been a staple at Jeroboams for the last few years, loved by our retail and trade customers alike. Based in Walworth, South London, they produce classic European-style beers that are immensely enjoyable any time of the year, whether you are inside or outside in your garden or balcony. We spoke to Robbie Sykes about what he is up to during quarantine.

Jeroboams: Who are you and what do you do?

Robbie: I am Robbie Sykes, Operations Manager at Orbit Beers. I connect the dots between production and sales and ensure we continually get the right beer brewed and out to the masses!

How has life changed for you since lock down?

Well my drinking habits have gone from long sessions in the pub to many shorter sessions at home! I am also working from home most of the time meaning extra time in bed! I am also speaking to my family up north a lot more than usual which is great.

What have been the business challenges for you?

Huge. 95% of our customers are wholesale. Finding ways to adapt and spread our wings and lend support to what retail customers we have has been my mission. It’s a terrible time for the industry/country/world, but it does produce exciting and dynamic days at work!

What has pleasantly surprised you about life in lock down?

That last element, I’ve enjoyed the professional challenges. I’m also shocked how much I spend on groceries when I’m home more!

What are you most looking forward about post-lock down life?


What have you been eating recently?

Taken advantage of the weather to have a BBQ with my famous (in my head) home made Chimi-churri. Have also been fermenting some vegetables. Got some lemon, garlic and dill kraut on the go at the moment along with some Blaukraut – Red Cabbage, sharp apples and onion!

What have you been drinking?

Orbit Beers of course! Along some others from Braybrooke Brewery and a couple bits from Brew By Numbers. Some wines in the sun, I have a bottle of Josmeyer Grand Crus Pinot Gris in the fridge right now (courtesy of Pol Roger). Would love some fuller bodied whites but am short of supply currently… Also been making a few cocktails, variations on Margaritas mostly. Variations because I first we had no Triple Sec, then we got some but ran out of Tequila! Tequila, fresh grapefruit and Aperol is the winner so far.

How have you been spending your time at home? What is keeping you entertained?

Working harder than ever during the day. Learning to play drums and keeping a slightly dark ‘Covid-19’ diary in the evening. As well as a few quizzes with family and friends and watching Succession on the telly.

What have you been listening to?

Low Life by New Order just finished on the turntable. I often have BBC 6 music on in the background, particularly in the last few weeks whilst Tom Ravenscroft has been filling in during the afternoons.

In need of something to listen to while working from home? Check out this Spotify playlist from Orbit.

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