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Mr Christian’s Ultimate Boxing Day Sandwich Recipe

While the Christmas day meal is undoubtedly the peak of festive culinary activities, we have a sneaking suspicion that the painstaking effort is all in aid of what happens the day after: that’s right, the Boxing Day Sandwich.

As a way of prolonging the feast, or as a kind of gluttonous “hair of the dog”, the humble sandwich is the perfect vehicle for all the remnants of Christmas lunch. It provides us with an opportunity to play with textures, and temperatures, and indulge in the craft of sandwich making. At Mr Christian’s, we have toiled away at perfecting our craft, so have for you a recipe for the Ultimate Boxing Day Sandwich. We understand that everyone will have different items leftover, so we will keep this to the fundamentals. First off, take three slices of sourdough bread. You will be toasting two of these, and soaking the third in gravy.

Next up, take your cold meats out of the fridge. Allow them to reach room temperature.

Then, prepare your items to be heated. Take a frying pan or skillet, and get it to a nice medium heat. Once hot, drizzle in some olive oil, and fry a selection of the following: stuffing, carrots, roast potatoes and Brussel sprouts. You want to get each one nice and crispy. It helps to squash down the potatoes. Toast your two slices of bread, and soak the third in gravy. You can also spread jellified gravy too.

Get out butter, mustard and any other condiments you feel like. Once your toast is ready, and the hot items are nicely crisp, it’s time to start building. Butter both pieces of toast, and spread with your desired condiments.
Now, you want to alternate between layers of hot items and cold items, with the gravy soaked/spread slice of bread in the centre. Give a quick turn of the pepper mill, stack it up, and cut in half. You’re ready to go.

PRO TIP: Enjoy with a nice glass of Champagne for maximum indulgence and restorative effect.

Devised by Notting Hill Deli, Mr Christian’s