Even the most ardent lover of all things cold, wet and grey, must relish the onset of spring after a long winter. The excitement brought by simple delights – such as the first asparagus, the Boat Race, and the first daffodils – excite and enliven the spirit, as well as raise the sap! As the first glasses of Sancerre suddenly become seasonally appropriate again, here are our favourite things that shout “Spring!”



According to those in the know (that’s us), this wonderfully Marmite-y, grassy Alpine cheese is at its best this time of year. It’s all to do with the grass, you see. Lush grass = lush cows = lush milk = lush cheese. Simple.



It’s a time to drop all the wintery stodge if favour of some clean, zesty, enlivening faire. Goats’ cheese is just the ticket. We have three absolute favourites: the lovable, if unconventionally attractive, Dorstone from Hereford; an adorably gooey, resinous Saint Maure from France, and; Harbourne from near the river Dart, which is fresh, tangy, and appropriately blue.



Not much can top hot cross buns, straight from the oven, slathered with butter. Our come from the inimitable Sally Clarkes which, we guarantee, will change your life – or, will change your bun buying habits for the better (equally profound.) Of course, this time of year also means chocolate. Our favourite eggs – sorry chickens – are Diana’s chocolate eggs. Hand crafter in north London using only the finest ingredient, these mouth-watering creations are hand delivered to us to ensure they are of the utmost quality.



Some people may think rosé is infra dig, but we love it – all year round, actually. If you have not been truly hooked by its berry-scented beauty, the exciting and fresh Williams Chase, or ever popular Whispering Angel, will swing your roundabouts for sure. An excellent match with the wine-averse flavours of asparagus and artichokes, it is also a real treat with freshly grilled sardines. If this doesn’t make you welcome our favourite month with open arms, then you may as well retreat underground until winter comes back around!


Rupert Baddock, of Holland Park.