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Bark! The Disheveled Afghans Sing!

When we were asked to partner up with the Dogs’ Trust for their annual woof-a-long Carol Concert at Chelsea’s filmic, if unimaginatively named, ‘Old Church’, we damn near bit their hands off, in the style of an irascible Jack Russell*. We were more than chuffed to serve up some Prosecco, some reds, some whites, some rawhide canapés and, of course, lashings of mulled from giant vats for the gasping masses, hoarse from an hour’s vocal workout alongside the starry likes of Sir Martyn Lewis and Nicholas Parsons.

It was a truly unique experience, as the crowd of festive-pun-jumper-adorned owners (I counted 12 ‘Santa Paws’, three ‘Bark Humbug’s and just the one ‘Happy Paw-Lidays’ – on a blatantly embarrassed, but adorably scruffy, Afghan) sang, along with a vocal chorus of cheery creatures in their finest furs. The best part came after every carol – you’ve never seen such mass choreography as the words ‘All Sit’ were heeded with an admirable obedience, making you wonder if the vicar was going to give out small marrow-based treats. Alas, he didn’t.

A big ‘well done’ to all involved for a fine, and truly unique, seasonal soirée.

Ben Chatfield is the Creative Director at Jeroboams

*The famously nippy dog breed, not the famed England wicket keeper.