It’s a rare, and slightly self-indulgent , pleasure to watch the world slowly discover something beautiful you have known about and kept close for a long time; to be in the swell of a wave before it crests and crashed the shore.

On the southern outskirts of Panzano, Tuscany, in the radiant Conca d’oro valley, there is a winery whose slow pursuit of quality – by any means – has reach the ears and palate of the world.

The land on which the Castello dei Rampolla farm stands has been in the family since 1739, but only after two centuries of history did the vinicultural journey begin. Alceo di Napoli Rampolla’s dreams and intuition led hum to produce great Chianti Classico at a time when its reputation was low, and to plant Cabernet Sauvignon when there was no fashion for it in the Italian hills.

His vision is the essence of Rampolla, leading their experiments into biodynamic agricultureal techniques when there was likewise no fashion for them. Like many wineries now, they create the conditions in the vineyards and winery to let nature do its work, producing some of the most wholesome expressions of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon on earth, with a true sense of Tuscan history there to taste. Here is where we see the ascent to quality, with the numerous accolades and 100 point reviews following the contrails of innovation and tradition. Theirs is a wonder to behold; something to seek out and savour.

Find out more about Castello dei Rampolla at their website.