It’s always great to receive international visitors to the cellar of MontRubi. Even more so if the visitor is one of our customers, and even better still if the visitor is someone with whom we work closely. This makes for a particularly dynamic and productive visit, featuring lots of exploration in the countryside around the estate in Penedes, Spain, and exploring tradition Catalan cuisine.

With the visit from Jeroboams we got everything we could hope for. Everyone was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate about wine and the industry. Over the past 18 months our wines have been in the UK, this has been invaluable to our success. It was greatly informative to learn more about the wine market in London. Especially so while enjoying our wines paired with classic Catalan meals.

The history of MontRubi started more than 30 years ago with the production of cava. Since 2001 our main purpose has been the creation of mono varietal wines using ancient grapes from the region of Penedes.

With a specialty focus on the grape Sumoll, MontRubi has been the first winery in the world to recultivate this ancient grape. We now have 5 different wines made with Sumoll: a still and sparkling rose, a sweet wine and two red wines. Our introductory red is called Gaintus Radical, a fresh wine, made from our younger vines. Moving up, our flagship Sumoll is Gaintus Vertical, coming from vines over 60 years of age from an abandoned vineyard. Once the grapes are harvested and vinified, we leave the wine to mature in oak barrel for around 24 months depending on the vintage. We feel these two red expressions of Sumoll show just how superb the grape variety is.

Even if we are a small winery, we are unique. We invite all who share our passion to visit and experience our idea of how wine must be created with tradition and meaning.

If you would like to learn more about Mont Rubi, you can visit our page here:

To try Sumoll yourself, customers can find out more in our webstore: 2014 Gaintus Sumoll

Alejo Peris

Family member of MontRubi and Assistant Manager at Jeroboams Notting Hill