Ben Chatfield, our Creative Director, recently carried out a series of interviews with different folk at Jeroboams. We kick off with Matt Tipping…

In a sentence, what do you do? I set private client side strategy and oversee the client team, assisting on buying and organising trips abroad to suppliers. I also have overseeing role on the retail – strategy, standards and direction.

You’e not allowed to say “no two days are the same”, as that is obvious, but give us a flavour of a good day? A morning in the head office in Islington, check that the right wine offers are going out, make a few enquiries, a meeting or two, possibly one on the creative side – which works hand in hand with commercial. Then in the afternoon I’d be out around the shops, working with the staff, meeting customers, maybe a tasting in the evening.

What’s great about it? It’s a relatively small company where if you have an idea you can run with it, make changes happen quickly and then see real differences being made.

What’s the tricky bit? As we have 7 remote locations, which are all different, and in a different area, it can be time-consuming.

Your best ever glass of wine? (a) 2001 Chateau D’Yquem

(b) Your most memorable? I once had a German Riesling on a staff do with my then manager at Majestic, in his sort of cellar at his house. Just stuck with me as a kind of pivotal moment.

What’s your favourite place in London? The parks in general – Hyde Park especially. That’s the country boy in me! They are an amazing thing for me. Unique in London’s cities.